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Our History

The idea for a network connecting grassroots community green groups and like-minded residents across Toronto gained momentum in 2017, when people from about a dozen local and citywide green groups started to meet to consider how we could work together to make our work easier, more effective, and more fun.

We discovered that we all share a common goal: to create a city that is more sustainable, healthier, friendlier, more resilient and sustainable. While engaging with our neighbours and having fun!

So we decided to do it – GREEN NEIGHBOURS NETWORK launched on April 16 2018!

We are keen to expand the new network across the city. We are looking for neighbourhood green groups and interested individuals to get involved. If you are interested in greening the city and are keen to share your interests, skills and experiences with others, while learning from other neighbourhood groups across the city – then join us.

Let’s work together so we can do more, more easily, to create a greener, more sustainable, and more vibrant Toronto. Join us!