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Our Aims

Green Neighbours Network of Toronto (GNN) is a network of independent community groups working together with a common goal: to help make Toronto a city of greener, more vibrant neighbourhoods and a leader in the worldwide urban movement against climate change.

The Network has two basic aims, both of equal importance:

To deepen the value and impact of Network membership by –

  • sharing ideas, information and resources among member groups
  • incubating and mentoring new groups
  • helping our member groups develop the skills for effective civic engagement

To build a rich web of working alliances with advocacy groups in areas like environment, health, transit, housing and social justice wherever their aims may converge with our own. This entails –

  • engaging in active outreach to such groups to build relationships and identify points of common interest
  • working with these groups to launch joint campaigns with well-defined goals merging environmental, economic and social benefits.